Making a Semi-Pro Murderer

It’s unimaginable to think that premeditated murder, armed robbery, and a dangerous high- speed chase would make solvent a struggling semi-pro team. Even if they somehow pulled it off, I guarantee it would be a bandaid on the team’s financial troubles. Plus it’s the exact opposite of sportsmanship and the values of community teams.

Review: The Coddling of the American Mind

Our immune system as well as other important systems like economies and politics are antifragile. They require stressors and challenges in order to learn, adapt, and grow. Systems that are antifragile become rigid, weak, and inefficient when nothing challenges them or pushes them to respond vigorously. Muscles, bones, and children are antifragile.

30 Day Ukulele Challenge

I didn’t know where to begin but Bernadette does. On Day 1 we learn the parts of the ukulele and things we’ll need for the course. We are given a to do list, a guide to practice, and how to build the habit. Best, we’re given access to the .pdf to print out all the “study guides” for each day. Bernadette tells us about herself too. She comes right out of the gate as user friendly!